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Once I started using GLAUX CHEM® skin oil every day on my face, my skin felt hydrated and soft all day.  I live in the desert and was never able to achieve this with any other product.

I have been using this oil on my face religiously.  I noticed my skin is brighter and even seems to help with scarring.  It seems to speed up the healing process on my blemishes.

Oh my goodness!  Where have you been all my life?!  I noticed a difference the very first time I used it. My skin has continued to improve with each passing day.  It is nice and light, and makes your skin look and feel healthy.

I started using your product on my face two weeks ago, and boy can I tell the difference. I ran a half marathon yesterday (30 F and raining...) and my face didn't dry out once. It looks and feels amazing!

I’m obsessed with my GLAUX CHEM®!  I use it on my face and it’s never been softer!!!  It doesn’t make it feel oily or greasy either.  I also use it after I shave and my legs and pits feel luxurious.  For stretch marks?  A literal miracle.

Since I have been using this product all over my body, I have had been getting compliments on the appearance of my skin.  My face is a single and clear color and overall, my skin is so soft.  It is great on my hair too! 

I'm 63 and like most people my age, have skin that looks wrinkled and yucky...Since I started using GLAUX CHEM®, my face no longer has skin flaking off, the skin on my legs looks normal, and my hands really look amazing.

GLAUX CHEM® has helped clear up my cystic acne without causing any irritation! It also works well as a moisturizer before putting on makeup. It makes my skin look so glowy, I don’t need to put on a highlighter!

I have really dry skin especially this time of year in the winter.  GLAUX CHEM® is really great for repairing dry and cracked skin and prevent it from happening!  It's a great product!

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"My hands were so dry, red, and itchy that I could hardly focus! Within literally a day using GLAUX CHEM skin oil, I saw incredible improvement and it’s kept improving. I’m so grateful!!"

—Carrie H.

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Before & After

"I am amazed at how this oil is working so far. My mom has been using it on her skin after her staples were taken out. It has only been a month and we are already noticing a big difference. Skin is much smoother and scar is fading!"

—Rosie G.

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