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10 Awesome Compounds Found in Hemp Oil That Save Your Skin

Posted by Dr. Kimberly Lincoln on
10 Awesome Compounds Found in Hemp Oil That Save Your Skin

Hemp is considered a superfood by many nutritionists around the world, with some even panning it as the most nutritious of all. Today, the plant is starting to see a huge amount of love sent its way in the skincare world. Scientists are now revealing study after study proving that hemp is an incredibly healthy plant to incorporate into both your diet and skincare.

If you are in the wellness scene, you probably already noticed the uptick in hemp products hitting store shelves. Fitness gurus are boasting about how hemp has all the essential amino acids and building blocks necessary to keep your body feeling great. People even use hemp seed oil as a salad dressing in order to reap the exquisite dietary benefits.

Great as hemp oil is for your diet, it’s even better for your complexion. Beauty companies like GLAUX CHEM® create hemp-based products to give people natural skincare solutions.

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