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Eleven Makeup Ingredients You Should Avoid

Posted by Dr. Kimberly Lincoln on
Eleven Makeup Ingredients You Should Avoid

Whether the FDA is willing to recognize it or not, there are plenty of commonplace makeup ingredients you should avoid.

The makeup and skincare industry is a billion-dollar industry that most women adore. It's an industry that has become filled with creams, potions, and lotions that claim to help women look better and feel better.  Drugstore shelves are lined with products that claim they're good for you, great for your skin, and glamorous.  Every product from this industry is checked by the Food and Drug Administration.

The role of the FDA has been to protect consumers from potentially harmful ingredients, and while they have been doing a decent job, a lot of chemicals still slip through the cracks.  Due to the fact that some ingredients are considered to be "grey area," there are a lot of makeup ingredients you should avoid despite them being cleared by the FDA.  In some cases, once-cleared chemicals later get banned due to the damage they cause finally getting noticed after years of reports. 

This issue is why many women are now choosing more natural alternatives, such as the plant oils from GLAUX CHEM®.  After all, when your skincare routine is one that features natural oils found in plants, you won't be exposed to chemicals that are dubious at best. 

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