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How To Reduce Skin Damage After a Sunburn

Posted by Kimberly Lincoln on
How To Reduce Skin Damage After a Sunburn

So you forgot to reapply sunscreen. It happens to the best of us, especially during the dog days of summer. Here’s how to reduce sun damage after a sunburn.

With the beautiful warm glow that the sun casts upon beaches and woods, nature has a way of luring us out of our homes for some summer fun. Though going out for hikes or swimming at the beach is a healthy and fun way to pass the time, doing so without sunscreen isn’t a wise idea. After all, the sun can burn—and when it does, it can cause serious damage to your skin.

The effects of having sun-damaged skin are very well-documented. People who experience sun damage age more rapidly, are more likely to experience acne, and may also experience skin dryness as a result of the UV radiation. The most feared side effects, though, are the increased chances of cancers such as melanoma.

Few things garner as much dismay to a dermatologist as a sunburn. Studies have shown that sunburns can get worse when left untreated, and can even worsen after you get out of the sun. However, it’s not a lost cause. Companies like GLAUX CHEM® are using chemistry to help reduce the damage you experience post-sunburn. 

Though it’s not possible to fully reverse sun damage, there are ways to reduce sun damage after you get caught without sunscreen. If you just got a sunburn, these methods can help you reduce the damage before it’s too late. 

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