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Why Hemp for Skincare?

Posted by Dr. Kimberly Lincoln on
Why Hemp for Skincare?

The increasing popularity of CBD has led to questions about its use and effects. One area where a lot of CBD innovation is taking place is in skincare. In this post, Dr. Kimberly Lincoln gives us some insight into common questions about how hemp and CBD are relevant to skincare.

Dr. Lincoln completed a Ph.D. in bioinorganic chemistry at Texas Christian University before moving to Tucson, AZ, for postdoctoral studies at the University of Arizona. In Tucson, Dr. Lincoln founded GLAUX CHEM® with the mission to help those with skincare needs by creating natural products inspired by Mother Nature. In addition to her entrepreneurial ventures, Dr. Lincoln has worked in both the pharmaceutical and cannabis industries, recently as a consultant for Canna Advisors.

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