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Face & Body Oil
Face & Body Oil
Face & Body Oil
Face & Body Oil
Face & Body Oil
Face & Body Oil
Face & Body Oil
Face & Body Oil
Face & Body Oil
Face & Body Oil

Face & Body Oil


DESCRIPTION: GLAUX CHEM®’s Face & Body Oil features a natural glowing green hue and scent.  Formulated with hemp, pomegranate, and carrot seed oil, this custom formula proves breakthrough results by enhancing the levels of natural fat in your skin’s layers, locking in water, strengthening your barrier, and restoring your natural luster.   


Intensely moisturizes, repairs, and protects your skin from dryness and damage.

  • Skin Flakes & Ash—eliminates flaking and ashiness by increasing the levels of natural fats in your skin’s deeper layers, strengthening your barrier, and locking in water.
  • Dull Skin—brightens dull skin and improves tone by enhancing pigmentation and preventing free-radical damage by the sun that causes your skin to lose natural luster.  
  • Cracked Skin—stops the formation of painful cracks by increasing the number of natural fats in your skin’s outer layer, preventing water loss, and making your barrier resilient to damage.
  • Rough Skin—smooths rough skin by helping your body produce more natural lubricating oils (sebum), restoring balance to your skin’s natural oil production and improving texture by activating your endocannabinoid system.
  • Skin Tightness—vitamin C and vitamin E relieve that tight feeling by helping your skin produce essential proteins like collagen and elastin that bind water and boost hydration.

      APPLICATION: For use on your body only; do not use internally.  Pump oil into hands and press into skin.  Use 1-2 pumps for your face and 4-6 pumps for your full body.

      SHELF-LIFE: 12 months. Refrigeration is recommended to preserve the life of the product.


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      • Does your products contain any additives besides the oils?

        No, our oil blend does not contain any extra additives.  Our formulas are 100% of-the-earth, for a whole lotta skincare pleasure.

      • What does cold-pressed seed oil mean?

        Cold-pressing is a scientific term that refers to a particular method of extracting oils and other ingredients from seeds of a plant.   In cold-pressed extractions, the temperature of the system is kept below 50 °C to prevent spoilage of omega-fatty acids and other important skin-loving ingredients in the oil.  

      • Do I have to keep my oil in the fridge?

        No, you do not need to keep the oil refrigerated if you regularly use the product.  Some ingredients in the product are sensitive to air and light and will breakdown over time.  That is why we package the oil in amber containers. If you only use the product once a week then we suggest you refrigerate the bottle.

      • How long will a 2 oz bottle last me?

        If you use 4 squirts per day, then a 2 oz. bottle will last you a little over 2 months.  A 2 oz. bottle contains 60 mL and an average of 285 sprays per bottle.

      • How long will a 4 oz bottle last me?

        If you use 4 squirts per day, then a 4 oz. bottle will last you around 4.5 months.  A 4 oz. bottle contains 120 mL and an average of 570 sprays per bottle.

      • Is your product made in the USA?

        Our product is 100% handmade in the USA by our chemist founder Dr. Lincoln and our packing is printed in the US.  We do not import any of our materials from other countries. We are here to support and grow the US economy.

      • Are you a cruelty-free brand?

        Yes, we are a 100% cruelty-free brand.  We never or will test our products on animals at any point during the development process.  We use humans and Dr. Lincoln for all new product testing.

      • How can I use your product?

        Check out 5 ways to use the Face & Body Oil here.

        We have versatile product that can be used on your full body.  This product is an excellent moisturizer and anti-aging formula and contains an abundance of natural actives moisture-locking fatty acids, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and oil balancing ingredients like cannabidiol, vitamin E, beta-carotene, linolenic and linoleic acid.  This powerful collection of natural actives gives your skin the protection it needs to regenerate, heal, and fend-off damage from free radicals.

      • Do you ship to Canada?

        Yes, we ship to Canada.  You can expect your order to arrive within 7-14 business days.