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Our Mission

GLAUX CHEM®'s mission is to help those with skincare needs by creating natural products inspired by Mother Nature. 


The Problem

Studies show that the average adult is exposed to 126 individual toxic chemicals every day. Yikes!

The all too common use of synthetic chemicals in skin products is a bad beauty move and health risk to you.

Daily exposure to these nasty chemicals cause skin issues like eczema and alters your levels of hormones like estrogen.

Did you know traditional skincare companies use:

—Fake oils like mineral oil as enhancers to allow deeper penetration of molecules into the skin?
—The cancer-causing compound benzoic acid to prevent microbial and fungal growth?
—Estrogen disrupting compounds such as phenoxyethanol to prevent spoilage?
—Irritating human-made fragrances like benzyl alcohol to cover up the smell of the above chemicals?
—Color additives like yellow #5 make the product visually appealing?

All of these ingredients literally kill your skin's cells — talk about a bad beauty move and health risk!

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Our Solution

GLAUX CHEM®'s skincare products contain 100% organic plant ingredients that are good for your skin and the planet.

Our founder and chemist, Dr. Kimberly Lincoln, creates every formula. She understands how molecules work and develops each product based on peer-reviewed scientific evidence.

Unlike traditional companies, GLAUX CHEM's skincare products contain organic plant ingredients like fats, pigments, vitamins, and minerals. These plant goodies work to nourish your skin and give you real long-term benefits.

Always free of fake ingredients that dry and damage your skin and disrupt your hormones.

We 💚 Hemp

The skincare industry needs a revolution. We turned to hemp and plant oils to get the movement started. 

Plant oils like hemp contain a nourishing mixture of natural ingredients that hydrate, repair, and protect your skin.

From dry skin to anti-aging and scar repair, our skinoils help boost the level of natural fats in your skin’s layer, lock in water, and strengthen your barrier.