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Our Mission

Founded by chemist Dr. Kimberly Lincoln, GLAUX CHEM®'s mission is to help those with skincare needs by creating natural products inspired by Mother Nature. 

Our patented hemp skincare products contain 100% organic plant ingredients that are good for you and the planet and free of chemicals that disrupt your hormone levels and pollute the environment.   

No nasty ingredients. 




The skincare industry needs a revolution. We turned to hemp and plant oils to get the movement started. 

By having increased education and awareness about the dangers of ingesting synthetic substances, we meet your demand for organic, non-toxic products.

Did you know traditional skincare companies use:

Toxic compounds (endocrine disruptors) as enhancers to allow deeper penetration of molecules into the skin?

Preservatives to prevent microbial and fungal growth?

Stabilizers to prevent spoilage?

Man-made fragrances to cover up the smell of the above chemicals?

Color additives to make the product visually appealing?

All of these ingredients are cytotoxic, meaning they are literally toxic to your cells.

We 💚 Hemp

Hemp oil contains a nourishing mixture of natural ingredients like lipids, vitamins, pigments, and minerals that hydrate, repair, and protect your skin from dryness and aging by enhancing the levels of natural fats in your skin’s layers, boosting hydration levels, and strengthening your barrier.