Our Mission

Our mission is to help those with skincare needs by creating natural products inspired by Mother Nature.

Our Story

The Ugly Truth

Contrary to what you may think, chemicals in the cosmetic industry are hardly regulated by the FDA.

Companies to this day still make products full of compounds that are harmful to you and our planet.

Sad but true, which is why we are relentlessly passionate and vocal about this topic.

Unpretty beauty facts

A report by the Environmental Working Group shows the average woman exposes themselves to 168 individual chemicals every day.


And the study found a majority of the exposure comes from the beauty products you use every day — like lotions, body wash, shampoos and even sunblock.

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why should you care?

Because A LOT of these ingredients are established cancer-causing chemicals!

Daily use of skin products with toxic chemicals — like sodium benzoate — a common preservative in beuaty products.

Research shows repeated exposure to these chemicals can cause chronic skin issues like eczema and alter your levels of hormones like estrogen.

Did you know?

Did you know traditional skincare companies use:

Fake oils like mineral oil as enhancers to allow deeper penetration of molecules into your skin?

Cancer-causing chemicals like benzoic acid to prevent spoliage?

Estrogen disrupting compounds such as phenoxyethanol to prevent spoilage?

Irritating fragrances like benzyl alcohol to cover up the smell of the above chemicals?

Color additives like yellow #5 make the product visually appealing?

All of these ingredients are toxic and literally kill your skin's cells.

Talk about a bad beauty move and health risk!

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Our Clean Beauty Solution

The skincare industry needs a make over.

We turned to hemp and other organic plant oils to get the movement started.

Unlike traditional companies, GLAUX CHEM® products contain no added water and are loaded with the purest plant ingreidents like, hemp seed oil.

Plant oils are uniquely rich in skin-loving compounds like omega three fats and vitamins that nourish deep within your skin's layers.

Why choose us?

Our founder and chemist, Dr. Kimberly Lincoln, understands how molecules work & develops our products based on science.

A large part of her graduate work was in chemical synthesis, where she encountered toxic chemicals daily.

The knowledge she learned about chemicals led her to make significant lifestyle changes for the better, and inspired her to create GLAUX CHEM®.

So, what's in our products?

All of our products contain a potent blend of natural organic plant ingredients:

Omega fats like linolenic acid that can strengthen your skin's barrier.

Phtyopigments like chlorophyll to help balance and enhance your natural skin tone.

Vitamins like vitamin E, C & A to boost your skin's youthfulness.

Minerals like magnesium to help your skin make new cells and lock in moisture.

Always & forever free of toxic ingredients that damage your skin and disrupt your hormones!

We 💚 Plants!

Plant seed oils like hemp and pomegranate contain a nourishing mixture of natural ingredients that actually hydrate, repair, and protect your skin from damage.

From dry skin to scar repair, our skinoils help your skin by boosting the natural fats in your skin’s layer, locking in water, and strengethining your barrier.

Silker, smoother and plumper skin with a noticeably vibrant healthy glow are just a few major benefits you can expect to see.

Our Science