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Molecular Artistry

GLAUX CHEM®'s products combine science with art to create a unique skincare solution.

We believe Mother Nature has a solution for your skincare needs, with a little help from science to access it. 

Why pollute your body with synthetic skincare products that do not provide the benefits natural plant products?

Your skin needs organic, of-the-earth ingredients to nourish and repair itself — not acutely toxic synthetic solutions!

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Let's Talk Hemp 💚

Your skin is a complex organ that requires a delicate balance of the proper nutrients to look and feel healthy and maintain proper function.

Hemp oil contains a balanced and nourishing mixture of natural ingredients. This array of plant molecules gives helps your skin repair damage, feel and look healthy.

Cold-pressed unrefined hemp seed oil contains several moisturizing and repairing ingredients such as:

Omega Fats

Like linoleic, oleic and linolenic acids that eliminate dryness by increasing the levels of natural fats in your skin and locking in water.


A magnesium-based fluorescent plant pigment that brightens skin by acting as natural tanning compound that prevents free-radical damage by the sun.


An orange colored compound similar to function in chlorophyll; protects the skin from UV damage, balances pigmentation, and restores luster.

Vitamin E

A unique fat-soluble vitamin that relieves tightness by helping your skin produce essential proteins like collagen and elastin, which bind water and boost moisture levels.


An anti-inflammatory terpene that helps reduce redness and dry skin by preventing the release chemicals that cause water loss and irritation.

Vitamin C

An essential anti-aging vitamin your skin needs to make proteins like collagen and elastin, which boosts hydration and helps your skin retain plumpness and elasticity.